About Me

Hi there!

Thanks for visiting my blog. My name is Subhodeep and I have always been passionate about photography since I was a child growing up in India. The journey started when I signed-up for the Photography Club in my school and won a consolation prize at the annual exhibition.

My work involves occasional travel which allows me the privilege to experience the beauty and diversity of our planet and its people. Looking at the world through the lens of my camera gives me immense joy.

My gear is simple: a Nikon 7200 body with a 18-140 mm lens. Sometimes I also use the Nikkor 35 mm prime lens for portraits. I firmly believe that the camera is just a tool – it’s your imagination that transforms a typical picture into a compelling story. I am mesmerized by the stories some photographers can tell through just a smartphone camera.

My first SLR – a Nikon D3100 – is still my favorite. I was speechless with wonder when I captured my first long exposure shot with it: the mighty waters of Niagara falling off the cliff, illuminated by the focused beams of colorful light at night. It was a unforgettable moment for me.

As I continue to learn new things and experience thrill and enjoyment through photography, I look forward to hearing from you about your thoughts, ideas, and feedback.

Thanks again!

Subhodeep Bandopadhyay